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Adventures in Comfort by Victron Energy

“…Eli Ellis and Tyler Vroman bring a lot of experience to the luxurious van-conversions they create at AWOL Adventure Rigs for discerning clients. Not surprisingly they count boat-building, and cabinet-making among their skills. Working in those disciplines you get pretty familiar with curved surfaces …that’s where construction meets art…”

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“…Jinx boasts breathtaking woodwork and functional, artfully designed cabinets and compartments, each clearly purpose-built. Its finishes are more reminisce of a classic wooden boat than a camper van. Everything has a function, but the design and function are incorporated seamlessly, blending aesthetic appeal with a functional, rugged vehicle that is prepared to carry its occupants wherever they might desire to go…”

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“Land Cruisers” by Maine Boats and Harbors Magazine

“… Land yacht has long been a derogatory term for big old Cadillacs with Florida license plates that meander down the interstate. Perhaps it’s time for a new definition: bespoke camping vehicles with yacht-standard wood interiors….”